52 Donald Street South – Dartmouth Daycare

Daycare Center in Dartmouth – 52 Donald Street South, Dartmouth, MA 02748 (508) 997-9092

This LPC sits in a quiet, rural neighborhood and provides a pleasant setting over other the typical Dartmouth daycare center. It accommodates infants and toddlers on the lower level and preschool children on the upper level. School age children have their own space in the smaller building on the left.

Deck for 1-year-olds

Our youngest toddlers can play safely away from the older tots on this deck. Toddlers can be seen pushing and pulling toys, rocking, playing with balls or catching bubbles. This space is also used for infants where you might see them playing on a blanket away from our walking toddlers.

Playground for 2-year-olds

Toddlers love to run and jump! This separate toddler yard provides toddlers with a variety of toys to allow children to do just that. Large trees umbrella the yard, providing a play area away from the sun.

Preschool playground

Children can enjoy running and playing in this large open playground where there are areas for fun in the sun as well as shady spots to stay cool and to explore the arts or read a book. There is also a paved area for riding trikes and playing with balls, as well as a shaded sandbox.

School age playground

There is a separate outdoor space for school age children that allows for organized games and sports, as well as swings, a large climbing toy and a shaded sandbox. Children also enjoy sitting at one of the picnic tables to read a book or to engage in arts and crafts.