LPC Educators



Educating our children is an important goal at Little People’s College. We take great pride in our educators who rise to the challenge of ensuring that each child develops at his/ her own pace. Collaboration with the public school systems in our districts assures us that our children enter elementary education with the appropriate school readiness skills. Learning happens throughout the day at Little People’s College.

From infancy, children are exposed to a print rich environment. Our infant curriculum is individualized to meet the needs of children based on their developmental readiness.

Toddlers are energetic and fun. Our curriculum is structured to develop and nurture their emerging skills.

Reading is the foundation of your child’s educational development. Preschool curriculum provides a variety of opportunities for children to do just that! Children may tell their own stories, listen and follow along with books on tapes and CDs or just relax in a comfortable area and look at books.

Technology is an important part of our curriculum. Through the use of a variety of curriculum based computer games, iPads, children’s technological skills and eye-hand coordination are supported.

Children are erupting with curiosity as they explore and experiment in the discover area.

Our D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) Program is an essential part of promoting daily reading. Literacy is encouraged daily not only through books, but also through poetry, free writing, and most importantly through observation of peers and teachers involved in literacy activities.

Please review our program pages to become even more familiar with the curriculum in each type of care.

Teaching Team

We believe that our comprehensive training program is the key to our success. The educational training begins immediately. A newly hired staff member engages in a mentoring program, designed by our curriculum team. We develop an individualized training plan for each member of our team, recommending specific trainings, workshops or courses to enhance their skills.shutterstock_141106903

In addition to trainings and workshops presented throughout the area, we internally offer more than 100 hours of training annually, including four full-day conferences.

Separate and apart from those trainings are two-hour monthly meetings with the curriculum team for each age level of our teaching team. The Department of Early Education and Care requires each staff person to attain 20 hours annually. We proudly proclaim that our teaching team far exceeds that requirement.

We seek out the individuals who are dedicated to caring for and educating children and help them to develop into the best that they can be. For this reason, we contract with a local college to assist the members of our teaching teams to pursue their degrees. For those educators who already hold degrees, they can continue their growth with these courses or they can opt to take Master’s level courses.

Curriculum Team

Our elite curriculum team has members with varying educational backgrounds ranging from a PhD, to several with Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees. The team diligently aligns the curriculum throughout all ages served in our program, including a wrap-around extension of the school day to support common core curriculum. All have worked at Little People’s College between 12-35 years!

A curriculum team member reviews all activities and lessons presented in the classroom. The team holds two-hour monthly meetings and /or trainings for each age level of our teaching teams. Our curriculum team provides individual support and on-site training to strengthen teaching performance by working in the classrooms alongside our educators.

While onsite, our team observes the children to insure that the curriculum is motivating, appropriate and reflective of the children’s interests.

Our curriculum team monitors each classroom, checking to be sure supplies are sufficient and materials are in top condition. When changing the layout of a classroom, our curriculum team works together with our teaching team to maintain our high standards that each of the centers is conducive to learning.

With the constant changes that occur in education, a member of our team maintains contact with our area school departments to insure our curriculum will successfully prepare our children for the next level of education