Toddler Daycare Programs for One Year Olds

Fun and Learning at our Toddler Daycare Centers

young toddler 1

Growth is rapid during the first year of life. However, one year olds still have several infant tendencies. These rooms are designed to encourage young toddlers to take their first steps! With safety in mind, we keep them separate from the older, more active two year olds.

Soft elements provide a safe and nurturing place for younger toddlers to learn and experiment. Soft materials, carpeting and climbers encourage toddlers to exercise gross motor skills in a safe atmosphere.

Functional Toys

Toddlers are provided with two of every toy, as young toddlers have not yet learned to share. Toys are selected to develop logical thinking skills, enhance hand-eye coordination and satisfy toddlers’ needs to fill and to dump.

Language Learning

LPC staff start from infancy to develop children’s language and pre-reading skills. Children are read to individually and in small groups at least twice a day.

Self Reflection

Little hands require little trucks. Several mirrors are provided in each toddler classroom, as children at this age love to look at themselves.

Motor Skills

Soft corners and balance beams encourage the development of gross motor skills.

Right-Sized Furniture

Rooms are equipped with furniture made to match the size of each age group. This allows children to sit with their feet on the floor and to wash their hands independently.