Pre-kindergarten Programs

Fun Learning Experiences with Our Pre-Kindergarten Programs

Our curriculum for four year olds expands upon the skills learned in preschool. As children continue to grow, we continue to find ways to challenge their curiosity. Walk into any Pre-kindergarten classroom and you will see an explosion of learning, accomplished by secure, happy children.

Sit in any classroom and you will hear the sounds of learning and laughter. You will feel the energy of children actively engaged as they learn through play. Note the focus on literacy, with both library and writing centers in the classroom.

Construction Zone

Join children in the construction zone where they build towers and towns. Children can navigate cars on the rug and learn about the community in which they live. Block centers are equipped with many different style blocks and accessories so that children can create their own unique structures.

Stories and Books

Language development is promoted in all interest areas through a print rich environment and the creation of “word families”.

Experiences Into Words

We encourage children to transform their experiences into written words. Here they are able to practice writing new letters and to copy simple words. We encourage connecting writing to all areas of play.

Discovery & Curiousity

Recording children’s observations allows them to compare and contrast subjects in the world around them.

Science Centers

As children advance into pre-kindergarten, science centers become more complex and experiments more challenging.

Artistic Talent

Artistic talent emerges as children use different mediums to create masterpieces. Note the sensory table in the background, where children have the opportunity to mold sand structures indoors.