Toddler Daycare Programs For Two Year Olds

Learning at our Toddler Daycare Centers

Toddlers seem to have an endless supply of energy as they learn many important skills throughout the day. Toddler rooms are separated into small interest areas because toddlers enjoy small spaces. It is also the time to conquer that all-important task – potty training.

Toddlers love to zoom their trucks along primitive roadways constructed with large, easy to maneuver blocks. Here toddlers learn to put together and take apart. Different blocks are available to strengthen muscles, which will later be used to grasp pencils and crayons.

Let's Climb

Climbing is a favorite activity among toddlers. We provide a variety of materials for their climbing enjoyment.

Reading is Important

At LPC, reading is of utmost importance from early infancy onward. We read to all children at least twice daily. We provide sturdy books of various materials to promote the importance of reading at an early age.

Self Reflection

Dramatic play brings a piece of home to the school setting. Toys and food reflect the cultures of the families in our area. Toddlers cuddle and feed their own babies, as they pretend in their home away from home.

Little Chefs

Toddlers share real life experiences in a stimulating and imaginative center designed for little chefs with big imaginations.