Special Events

Community Awareness

recycling_kids_2Whether a trip to the local fire station or a visit from a firefighter in the ladder truck, we find exciting ways to learn about our community helpers. Emergency response workers (with their ambulances), police officers, librarians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses and/ or other community helpers share their stories with our children throughout the year. We shrink the generation gap by visiting adult day care facilities to create masterpieces, play bingo, enjoy a special snack and even share our latest dance moves.

Learning about recycling, we collect soda bottles/ cans, recycle them at the local redemption center and then celebrate our efforts with a pizza or sundae party (maybe both if we collected enough!)

Family Literacy

Family_Literacy2Literacy is such an important aspect to learning that we hold an annual family literacy event. We invite children and their families to explore the reading wonders within each classroom.

Families tuck away in comfy corners or niches with storybooks to create special memories. Exciting activities and book raffles add to the literary fun.

Parent Night

23151929Each November, we set aside an evening for our parents to meet their child’s teacher and visit their classroom. The children take great pride in preparing delicious refreshments and creating an extra special project to be put on display.

This evening affords parents the opportunity to focus on the different educational areas and also to talk more
formally with the teacher.


32519593_28605Our informal and fun ceremony takes place annually in June. All children, from infants to half-day kindergarteners, take the stage to “show off” as they graduate to a new level of learning. We welcome family and friends to the celebration.

Cameras are essential to capture the beaming pride on each child’s face. Special guests (like Mickey Mouse or Elmo) stay long enough to congratulate each child with hugs, high fives and/or photo opportunities.

Field Trips

pumkin_patch2Learning experiences stretch to special places beyond the classroom as we travel on many field trips throughout the year.

An annual favorite includes bumping along in a hay-filled wagon en route to finding the perfect pumpkin in the pumpkin patch. Our school aged children assist in choosing their field trip destinations.

Visiting Entertainers

kids_group2We enhance on-site learning experiences with visiting entertainers. Local storyteller, Big Ryan, visits to share his Tall Tales.

Hands-on learning about cold blooded pets and farm animals always yields squeals of delight and excitement. Our youngest children (infants and toddlers), also experience the fascinating wonders of many of these visitors.

Year-End Sleepover

sleep_over_2Our school-aged children celebrate the end of the year with this super event. The night usually kicks off with a pizza party, leads to extreme nighttime excitement and ends with popcorn and a movie.

American Idol wannabes snatch the Karaoke spotlight while the disco lights get the groove things shaking. It’s a great way to celebrate the end another of school year and the start of a summer loaded with fun and excitement at LPC.

Monthly Parties

Balloons2Parties bring so much anticipation, excitement and learning fun to children that we include at least one party each month in our curriculum. Special clothing, spectacular games and scrumptious treats make the day magical.

An annual favorite is our Thanksgiving Feast. While learning about our nation’s history, children create Pilgrim and Native American costumes to wear to the Feast. Each classroom helps to prepare a part of this delicious and memorable meal.

Santa’s Workshop

Santa Clause in his workshop, painting a toy.  Isolated on white.We offer an opportunity for children to become an elf for a day in our Santa’s workshop. During this event, families allow children to create gifts for family and friends in Santa’s workshop.

Children experience great pride as they select and then assemble the perfect gifts, with the help of our LPC elves.

Additional Events

Childhood_Kids_circle2Each location hosts different events throughout the year. A “Getting to Know You” cookout may kick off the start to a new school year, complete with burgers, hot dogs, family games, special entertainment and sweet treats.

We pay tribute to our families by celebrating with Mother’s Day Tea and Father’s Day Game Time. We welcome you to attend community events, such as parades and festivals, in which we participate as well. All upcoming events are featured monthly in our parent newsletters.