Infant Care & Day Care

Professional Infant Care for Southeast Massachusetts

Step into one of our infant/toddler classrooms and experience a cozy, comfortable atmosphere with warm and loving caregivers tending to each child on an individual basis.

Our infant care provides a cozy and nurturing sleep environment, following safety regulations and prevention of SIDS. Individual sleeping areas are equipped with a mobile or music box, providing babies with a comfortable, relaxing musical experience. Children are in their cribs ONLY when napping.

Changing Area

We have our own custom-made changing tables located near running water. Infants can be immediately washing without crossing the classroom and teachers can access all supplies needed in one space, giving them more time to bond with your baby.


Infant classrooms are designed with wide open spaces to promote crawling, texture mats for tummy time and pull-up bars to build infants’ muscles and strengths.


Babies like to babble and discover themselves and are provided with mirrors to do so. In addition, soft elements allow them to crawl, climb and play safely.

Cuddle Time

Every infant room is equipped with a comfortable rocking chair, where teachers can cuddle and comfort each child throughout the day.

Luxury Strollers

These luxury strollers, equipped with canopies and safety belts, enable teachers to take infants and tiny tots on outdoor adventures where they can explore and learn about their environment. Note the special “infant seats” attached to the stroller on the right.