Preschool Programs

Interactive Preschool Programs Provide Fun Learning

Every day in our preschool programs is a new learning adventure. Our floor plans are strategically designed to allow for quiet areas, as well as those that enhance and extend play. We encourage independence by teaching children to self-serve meals, and to put on their own coats and hats. Children are taught to think, reason, experiment and formulate their own ideas.

Learning comes alive as you walk into any of our preschool classrooms. Beginning with the handcrafted furniture and top-of-the-line supplies to the daily interactions and activities, each room is designed to promote development in all areas of learning.

Computer Play

Children become engrossed in computer play, with games selected to enhance the daily curriculum.

Stories and Books

Stories and books are a favorite of children and teachers alike. Listening areas are stocked with a variety of quality books. Children may sit on a comfy kid-sized couch and read a book or listen to stories on tapes or CDs.

Imaginations Take Flight

Imagination takes flight as children pretend to be whatever they want to be. Materials reflect the community members and cultures in our area, enabling children to act out the many roles that impact their lives. Children also enjoy expressing themselves at our puppet theatres.

Discovery & Curiousity

The LPC lab is bubbling with experiences and supplies to promote children’s discovery and investigative curiosity. Children can be found using a magnifying glass to inspect a leaf or conducting an experiment to see which items sink or float in our water tables.

Sensory Tables

Sensory tables allow children in all preschool classrooms to experiment with sand and water as they learn to measure, pour and mix.