4241 Acushnet Avenue – New Bedford

Implementing Teaching Strategies Gold and MA Curriculum Frameworks

Implementing Teaching Strategies Gold and
MA Curriculum Frameworks

4241 Acushnet Avenue, New Bedford, MA 02745 (508) 998-8982

This center is located in the quiet Sassaquin area of north end New Bedford. It accommodates children from one month through twelve years. Our school age children have their own separate area, complete with a homework room and controlled internet access.

Deck for 1-year-olds

Our youngest toddlers can play safely away from older tots on this deck. Toddlers can be seen pushing and pulling toys, rocking, playing with balls or catching bubbles. This space is also used for infants where you might see them playing on a blanket away from our walking toddlers.

Playground for 2-year-olds

This playground is made of poured rubber surfacing allowing toddlers to run, jump and climb safely. You will also find other fun outdoor toys and toddler bikes to encourage large motor development.

Preschool Playground

Children can play pretend, even outdoors, in the outdoor kitchen. This is a place to “relax” when a child prefers to take a break from the physical activities available outdoors.

School Age Playground

This playground has a poured in rubber surface where children can enjoy running and playing. This large open playground allows plenty of room for fun in the sun. Children can climb on the large climbing toy, ride tricycles or stay cool in the shaded sandbox.