40 Donald St – Dartmouth

40 Donald St Dartmouth, MA 02748 (508) 997-9092

All of our school age kids use the camp throughout the year on designated days. This two acre lot, surrounded by trees, allows children plenty of space for organized sports such as volleyball, soccer, baseball and a mini-golf area.

Fenced-in Area

There is a fenced-in area, complete with a basketball court.

Enjoy Nature

Children can enjoy the stillness of nature while sitting by the trees on customized benches.

Stage for Plays

Our stage, where school age kids enjoy putting on plays and skits.

Covered Areas

There are plenty of shaded areas for arts and crafts and games.

Jungle Gyms and Swings

There is also a fenced in area where children can climb one of the jungle gyms or play on the swings.