360 Dartmouth Street – New Bedford

Implementing Teaching Strategies Gold and MA Curriculum Frameworks

Implementing Teaching Strategies Gold and
MA Curriculum Frameworks

360 Dartmouth Street New Bedford, MA 02740 (508) 993-8126

The LPC Hangout for “big kids”. This site serves kindergarten and school age children. We service all New Bedford schools for both before and after school care. All school age programs are open for the full day during public school in-service days and vacations.

Safe Surfaces

The yard is covered with a poured-in rubber coating, providing a safer surface for play. There is an open space that allows for organized games and sports, as well as swings, a large climbing toy and a shaded sandbox. Children also enjoy sitting at one of the picnic tables to read a book or to engage in arts and crafts while outdoors.

Game Areas

The game areas are equipped with board games, Playstations and computers. Children may choose from a variety of different interest areas, including a quiet area to relax after a full day at school.

Videogaming Corner

The availability of Playstation 3, a flat screen TV and comfy chairs says it all! Our gaming corner is a favorite for students to unwind after a long day at public schools.

School Age Areas

School age children are separated into four different age groups, with a separate space for kindergarten children. This is a room for second and third grade children.