1541 Main Street – Acushnet

Implementing Teaching Strategies Gold and MA Curriculum Frameworks

Implementing Teaching Strategies Gold and
MA Curriculum Frameworks

1541 Main Street, Acushnet, MA 02743 (508) 763-4866 (All Ages)

Dubbed by satisfied families as the “Country Club” since opening in 1994, our smallest program sits atop more than an acre of land and houses programs for children, aged one month through 12 years. Nestled snugly along Route 105, echoes of learning and laughter fill the air in this quiet neighborhood. Stop by and discover this fun and educational daycare, before school program and after school program in Acushnet.


Trike Track

A quick glance at our preschool playground captures the many choices available to children. Adventures thrive in the playhouse and around the “trike” track. Excitement spirals down the “twirly” slide and giggles soar to new heights on the swings.

Fitness Areas

Do you want to know LPC’s recipe for fitness and exercise success? Add a group of children and some accessories to our school aged playground and voila…A game of baseball, soccer, “ghostbusters”, tag or whatever tickles your older kids’ fancy.

Outdoor Fun

An oversized play area with just the right sized equipment sets the stage for outdoor fun. Toddlers love to play alongside friends on the rockers (shown far back), in the swings and in our sandbox (under the tugboat cover).

Safe Fun

Our infants explore the neighborhood while safely in our buggy. Canopied play areas, which include exersaucers, activity centers and bouncy seats, also offer our babies refreshing outdoor fun. Shaded picnic tables offer toddlers the opportunity for table play.