After School Programs in Southeast Massachusetts

Little People's College in New Bedford and Fairhaven Provides After School Fun!

The elementary school day ends several hours or more before many parents are able to leave work and head home for the evening. While some older children may stay at home on their own during this period of time, parents of younger school age children often want or need to provide their kids with a structured, supervised environment. However, parents may also recognize that their children may not want a babysitter and may want to have some level of independence at the end of a long school day. When you are looking for the best after school programs in the local area, you can find the programs you seek at Little People’s College.

NAEYC Accredited After School Activities

When you choose Little People’s College for after school daycare, your child will not spend several hours every afternoon cooped up in front of the television. Instead, kids can choose to spend time in one of several after school program rooms. In these rooms, they can work on homework and will have access to computers and reference materials as needed. 11 of our 14 locations are NAEYC Accredited, so you’ll know your child is receiving the best after school care in the area. They can also use building blocks and other structural design toys, read a book from the library or play educational or strategy games with other kids in the program.

Down Time to Relax

When children arrive at Little People’s College after a long day of learning at their regular school, many are mentally and physically tired. While some may have the energy to play actively with other children, others simply want to chill out. They may enjoy time to work on homework quietly or to read a book on their own until their parents arrive. They also can re-fuel their body with nourishing snacks that are prepared in the on-site kitchen. Different snacks are planned every day of the week, and these are tasty yet nutritious snacks that even picky eaters will enjoy.

The Perfect Combination of Supervision and Independence

Children who are enrolled in the after school program at Little People’s College may not quite be fully self-sufficient and independent enough to stay at home on their own after school. As a parent, you may recognize that there are safety concerns about leaving your child home alone for long periods of time after school without supervision. Even well-behaved kids, after all, can run into an issue when preparing a snack after school or may have other similar issues. While your children may need some supervision now, you may also recognize that they are becoming increasingly independent, and they may not want ever second of their afternoon time planned out. They may want the option to choose how they spend their time, whether it is to do homework or to play a game with friends. Little People’s College is the local after school daycare program that acknowledges that children in this age group need the perfect combination of supervision and independence.

When you are wondering what kind of environment is best for your children after the school day ends, the best option is to take a tour of Little People’s College. By touring the facility and seeing the after school programs rooms in person, you may see for yourself why this is the right environment for your child. This is not your typical after school daycare program. Instead, it is a structured, caring environment that gives kids all of the structure and independence they need in a safe setting. When you arrive to pick up your child after the end of a long work day, you may pleased to see that your child’s homework is completed and that your child is safe, healthy and happy participating in after school activities that he or she is interested in.

RSS Class Updates

  • 8/14/2015
    Good evening :) Tomorrow, the school age children at 321 and 374 Rockdale Ave. will visit the Buttonwood Park Zoo. Have a great night!
  • 8/13/2015
    Good afternoon :) Reminders for tomorrow, August 13th are as follows: 321 Rockdale Ave. preschoolers will have a special visit from the "Fun Bus!" Sassaquin children will enjoy some yummy treats from the Rainbow Ice Cream Truck. Also, the toddlers at the 374 Rockdale Ave. site will go on a "jungle walk." Have a terrific […]
  • 8/10/2015
    Good afternoon :) The school age children at Dartmouth St. will visit Fort Taber on Monday, August 10th. Have a wonderful weekend!
  • 8/7/2015
    Reminders for tomorrow, August 7th are as follows: Church St. will be holding a 80's themed dance party. Children at the 321 Rockdale Ave. site will have a special visit from a storyteller to enjoy some tales around the "campfire." Have a great evening :)
  • 8/6/2015
    Good evening :) Tomorrow, the school age groups that attend 321 and 374 Rockdale Ave. will be going on a field trip to Fort Taber. School age children at the Sassaquin location will be going to Flagship Cinema. Have a great night!