Activities for Child Babysitting in Dartmouth

Fun, Educational Activities 

If you have school age children in Dartmouth, you may be struggling to find an affordable, reliable childcare solution that is best for your kids. Your children may be in school during the day, but you may need to have care available for them after school until you get out of work and are able to be with them. Care may also be needed for those days when kids are off school for a bank holiday, a school break or over the summer. While babysitting is one option, this may not be the most ideal solution for your kids. With a closer look at what Little People’s College has to offer, you may determine that this is the best option for after-school care for your children.

Engaging things to do for your children

Sending the kids to a neighbor’s house after school for babysitting may be convenient or affordable, but it may not be best for your kids. Kids may have little to do in this type of setting except work on their homework by themselves, watch television or sit on a computer. While your children may have guidance and supervision, the activities for kids can be limited in this type of environment. At Little People’s College, the after-school age group has access to a wide range of activities that are designed to continue to stimulate their minds during after-school hours. Everything from reading to imaginative play is available for kids. There are also more kids in this type of environment to encourage the development of friendships.

Assistance With Homework

When your children attend Little People’s College, they will be provided with time to work on their home, and the caregivers will actively assist with homework. The goal is for all children to have their homework completed before you arrive to pick them up. They will be done with their home and will be happy from having with their friends from participating in various activities for kids in the classroom. When you arrive, they will be happy and ready to spend quality time with you.

Flexibility Around School Schedules

As a working parent, you understand how inconvenient it can be to struggle to find childcare around days when school is not in session. This may be a single day off, such as a teacher workday. It may be several weeks off, such as for the winter holidays. It also may be for spring break and summer vacation. Little People’s College provides Dartmouth parents with a convenient option, and we offer additional services for after-school age kids around school breaks and holidays. You will not need to worry about your babysitter being unavailable during those times, and this can decrease your stress level considerably.

While babysitting in Dartmouth is one option to consider, it is not the only option available. It may be more practical and better for your kids to consider the enrichment and structure available through Little People’s College. We invite you to tour our afterschool room and to learn more about our program and availability.


RSS Class Updates

  • 8/14/2015
    Good evening :) Tomorrow, the school age children at 321 and 374 Rockdale Ave. will visit the Buttonwood Park Zoo. Have a great night!
  • 8/13/2015
    Good afternoon :) Reminders for tomorrow, August 13th are as follows: 321 Rockdale Ave. preschoolers will have a special visit from the "Fun Bus!" Sassaquin children will enjoy some yummy treats from the Rainbow Ice Cream Truck. Also, the toddlers at the 374 Rockdale Ave. site will go on a "jungle walk." Have a terrific […]
  • 8/10/2015
    Good afternoon :) The school age children at Dartmouth St. will visit Fort Taber on Monday, August 10th. Have a wonderful weekend!
  • 8/7/2015
    Reminders for tomorrow, August 7th are as follows: Church St. will be holding a 80's themed dance party. Children at the 321 Rockdale Ave. site will have a special visit from a storyteller to enjoy some tales around the "campfire." Have a great evening :)
  • 8/6/2015
    Good evening :) Tomorrow, the school age groups that attend 321 and 374 Rockdale Ave. will be going on a field trip to Fort Taber. School age children at the Sassaquin location will be going to Flagship Cinema. Have a great night!